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3 Sales Promos to Try Now

If you know how to run a good sales promotion, you can generate short-term cash and long-term customer loyalty. In this free webinar, RainMaker CEO and former Martial Arts school owner Scott Dolloff will show you how to: 

  • Choose the right type of promotion for your business
  • Execute 3 different promotions, from setup to follow-up
  • Create high-converting emails and landing page
  • Quickly get more cash into your business
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More about RainMaker and Scott Dolloff

RainMaker is built from the ground up by a former Martial Arts school owner to solve Martial Arts schools biggest problems. If you're looking to gain new members and keep your current members, RainMaker can help. Our software and services help you automate your Martial Arts school so you can focus on what is important.

Scott Dolloff started teaching Martial Arts when he was 13 y3ars old and age 16 he created and sold Martial Arts tournament software. After graduating high school he went on to purchase his first martial arts school and later developed into one of the top operators and instructors in the country. Along the way, he grew a couple of website and search engine optimization companies and then later started the direction and growth of RainMaker Membership Systems.

He is excited to share with you his knowledge and experience to help you grow your Martial Arts school and generate more revenue.

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